Artificial Intelligence (AI): Prompt Engineering

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AI: Prompt Engineering

Learn how to get useful information from AI through prompt engineering. Familiarize yourself with core prompting techniques such as Q&A, information extraction, and text summarization. Apply these principles to enhance AI communication. By clearly stating your requirements in your prompts, AI tools can efficiently summarize information, generate ideas, and solve problems. Utilize AI for writing, editing, proofreading, research, ideas, design, and more. Create innovative graphics, personalized images, and distinctive product designs of high quality. By providing a written prompt describing what you require in an image, AI tools can quickly generate a variety of graphical content such as art, illustrations, diagrams, photos, and other visual concepts.

or OnlineAI: Prompt Engineering
Tue. Jul 23, 2024
& July 25, 2 Eves* T&Th
6:30PM - 9:30PM Central

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