CCNA Certification Course – Class Outline

Course Objectives:

In this course, you will:

Lesson 1: Basics of Networking
Lesson 2: Basics of Cisco Devices and Commands
Lesson 3: Setting Up an IPv4 Network
Lesson 4: Setting Up an IPv6 Network
Lesson 5: Infrastructure Services
Lesson 6: LAN Switching Basics
Lesson 7: Routing Basics
Lesson 8: NAT Basics
Lesson 9: Maintaining the Network Infrastructure
Lesson 10: Enhancing Network Security
Lesson 11: Troubleshooting Network
Lesson 12: Managing VLANs on Cisco Switches
Lesson 13: Managing STP
Lesson 14: Managing EtherChannel
Lesson 15: Mitigating Threats to the Access Layer
Lesson 16: Configuring Infrastructure Services
Lesson 17: Describing QoS Concepts
Lesson 18: Infrastructure Maintenance
Lesson 19: Managing Devices Using AAA
Lesson 20: Network Programmability
Lesson 21: WAN Technologies
Lesson 22: Routing Technologies

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