Microsoft SharePoint Training Classes

- Attend in our Chicago area classrooms, or attend online from home!
- Either way, you will be controlling one of our classroom computers so your instructor can assist you during class.

SharePoint Part 1

In our Part I one-day class you will learn how to successfully and easily navigate SharePoint, work with lists and libraries, and use discussion boards, surveys and blogs. You will also learn some basic customization of the SharePoint environment, including creating view and configuring personal settings.

or OnlineSharePoint Part 1
Mon. Jul 18, 2022

SharePoint Combo Program

Save 15%: Includes both levels of SharePoint: Part 1 and Part 2.

SharePoint Part 2

In our Part II one-day class you will take the role of a user with Design permission. You will learn how to add libraries, lists and page components, change the look and feel of a Team site, control the display of content and create workflows and content types. You must take our Basic class (or have used SharePoint for at least three months) before taking this class.

or OnlineSharePoint Part 2
Tue. Jul 19, 2022

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