Free Retake Policy

You may retake a class for which you have paid full price one time within six months of the date you originally attended a class. A limited number of seats in a class are reserved for retakes. There must be retake seats available on the date you request. If there are no retake seats available on the class date you request, you may want to contact us closer to the class date to determine if any retake seats are available or request to retake the class on another date it is offered. If you would like to request a class retake please contact us. We reserve the right to reschedule you to another date for your retake, if the class date you originally requested becomes full. We will try not to do this, but we reserve the right to do so if necessary. You may cancel your retake 24 hours or more before the class and re-schedule  the class for another date. Cancellations of a retake less than 24 hours before the class start time will cause you to lose the retake privileges for that class. If you request a retake and do not attend, your retake privileges for that class are considered used. Retakes of the following are not available: You may use the student manual from your original class during your retake class. If the student manual has changed since you originally took the class, we will provide a free digital version of the student manual to you (if we have an extra one available). If you wish to have a physical (hard copy) of the new student manual you will need to pay our cost for the manual. Please contact us or call our office for the exact cost of the manual. If you would like to request a class retake, or have any questions about this retake policy, please contact us.

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