Acrobat Pro Part 2

Wednesday Jun 24, 2020
9AM - 4PM

$379.00 / Student


$379 / Student


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Total Due $379

About Our Classes

  • Small class sizes - typically six to ten students
  • Instructor in the classroom at all times!
  • Students work at our computers during the training
  • Student manual and practice exercise files included
  • Free class retake within six months of attending class!


They will learn how to discover geospatial data in a PDF map. They will learn color management, proofing and converting colors, color separations, managing inks, and transparency flattening. Students will use the Preflight feature to test and convert a document to comply with print provider requirements or ISO 9000 standards such as PDF/X, PDF/A, or PDF/E. Students will learn to create interactive forms using both the Form Editor as well as LiveCycle Designer ES2.

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