AI: Prompt Engineering

Monday May 20, 2024
& May 22, 2 Eves* M&W
6:30PM - 9:30PM Central

$499.00 / Student


$499 / Student


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About Our Classes

  • Small class sizes - typically six to ten students
  • Live instructor-led training in our classroom or learn from home!
  • Hands-on training - not a webinar!
  • Instructor can see your screen to assist you during class
  • Ask the instructor questions during class!
  • Student manual will be shipped to you
  • Free class retake within six months of attending class


Learn how to get useful information from AI tools like ChatGPT. We’ll set up a ChatGPT account and navigate the user interface. Master core prompting techniques, such as Q&A, information extraction, and text summarization. Enhance ChatGPT’s reasoning abilities and apply advanced prompt engineering principles for better AI communication. Utilize ChatGPT for writing, editing, proofreading, research, ideas, design, and more.

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