Excel Advanced

Thursday Nov 15, 2018
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9AM - 4PM

$299.00 / Student


$299 / Student

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About Our Classes

  • Small class sizes - typically six to ten students
  • Instructor in the classroom at all times!
  • Students work at our computers during the training
  • Student manual and practice exercise files included
  • Free class retake within six months of attending class!


Students will work with advanced formulas, learning functions such as VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, MATCH, IF, SUMIF, ROUND , PMT, IFERROR, COUNTIF and INDEX. In addition, students will learn about data validation and database functions such as DSUM, DCOUNT, and DAVERAGE, and creating formulas with dates. They will learn how to import and export XML data, and how to query external databases. Finally, students will learn about the analytical features of Excel (such as Goal Seek and Solver) and running and recording macros.

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