Microsoft office classes

Microsoft Office is the most popular Office Suite today.

We offer training classes in Microsoft Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, SharePoint, Project,

and Publisher in the Chicagoland area

Microsoft SharePoint Training

SharePoint is a browser-based collaboration and document management platform from Microsoft. SharePoint is Microsoft’s content management system. It allows groups to set up a centralized, password protected space for document sharing.

Microsoft Word Training

Microsoft Word is the standard for Word Processing. Learn to write letters, mail merge labels, use graphics, create tables and more!

Microsoft Excel Training

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for developing spreadsheets. Learn to create financial spreadsheets, utilize formulas, organize your data in charts and more!

Microsoft PowerPoint Training

Microsoft PowerPoint is used to develop on-screen presentations. Learn to create a presentation with colors, graphics animation and more!

Microsoft Access Training

Microsoft Access allows for the creation of complex databases. Learn how to create tables, reports, queries, forms and more!

Microsoft Outlook Training

Microsoft Outlook is a powerful email client. Learn how to send emails, organize emails, store contacts, set appointments and more!

Microsoft Project Training

Microsoft Project is used to manage projects and tasks of any size. Learn how to create tasks, set deadlines, assign resource and more!

Microsoft Publisher Training

Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing program used for page layout and design. Learn how to create and edit publications, arrange text and pictures, work with master pages, create and format tables and more!

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