Computer Training Room Rentals in Chicago, Illinois and Suburbs

Computer Training Source offers Training Lab Rentals in the Chicago, Illinois area (Downtown, Schaumburg, and Naperville)
All of our computer training rooms have high-speed Internet access. Wi-Fi wireless access is usually available to all students as well.
Hold your next training session in a professional training environment!

Corporate Training Rooms

If you have your own instructor and need a professional computer training room environment, our computer training labs are available for rent. Our conveniently located training facilities can be an economical place to hold your training session.

Computer Training Room Rentals in Chicago, Illinois and Suburbs

Our computer training labs can be equipped with whatever you need and we will install all the necessary software before you arrive. Our computers are very up-to-date. Coffee, filtered water, and vending machines are available. We also have a writing tablet so the instructor’s writing can be seen in the classroom and remotely (if you have remote students). Of course a data projector attached to the instructor’s computer is also included. Prices vary depending on the number of computers, length of rental, and other options. Please contact us for pricing.

Ready for Your Remote Students!

With hi-speed Internet, a microphone/speakerphone, and a drawing tablet for the instructor, our classrooms are ready for your students who need to participate in your session from a remote location.
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