We can conduct a one-on-one tutoring session at your learning speed. If you prefer to go quickly from one topic to the next, we can accommodate you. If you prefer to cover topics slowly, we can accommodate you.

Let us know how you prefer to learn. Customize your topics! Ask for a list of topics which can be covered and choose which topics are most meaningful to you. Or if you prefer we can instruct on what we know to be the most popular features of the software you are learning.

Choose your session location! We can conduct tutoring at one of our locations, or at your location. A travel fee may apply if you would like the session conducted at your location and you are located outside the Chicago metropolitan area.

Great for people who want to learn more slowly, or faster, than our regular public classes!


Buy blocks of tutoring time below. We will contact you to discuss what you would like to learn during your tutoring session(s). We'll also discuss with you available dates and times to schedule your tutoring. The cost is less when you buy a larger block of time. You may separate your block of tutoring time into smaller tutoring sessions. For example, if you buy 12 tutoring hours, you may set up 4 3-hour tutoring sessions. One student manual with exercise files is included in the fee. If you would like to have topics from more than one level (i.e. Introduction and Intermediate) covered in the same session, an additional fee may apply to cover the cost of the extra student manual(s).

Tutoring - 3 hoursOnline or in-person
Thu. Jan 01, 1970
Tutoring - 6 hoursOnline or in-person
Thu. Jan 01, 1970
Tutoring - 9 hoursOnline or in-person
Thu. Jan 01, 1970
Tutoring - 12 hoursOnline or in-person
Thu. Jan 01, 1970

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