Captivate Training Classes

Classes in Chicago, Schaumburg, and Naperville, Illinois for Captivate 9.
Instructor-in-the-room, hands-on learning. Each student works at one of our PC or Mac computers.

Attend our classes below in Chicago (and the suburbs) to learn Adobe’s product for creating responsive eLearning design. Add interactive elements, quizzes, integrate with LMSs, create complex eLearning workflows. Works great with other Adobe Creative Cloud products.

Captivate Part 1

This class teaches you how to create interactive eLearning content. You will learn how to create a software demonstration and interactive training simulations.

No Training Classes available

Captivate Part 2

This class teaches you how to create quizzes, report results, integrate LMS's SCORM, accessibility and closed captioning, and various advanced techniques to create complex eLearning workflows.

No Training Classes available

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